Troubleshooting Tips For Washing Machine Repair In Murrieta Ca

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byAlma Abell

If you have piles of laundry to do and your washing machine quits, you have to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you want to try and fix it yourself, follow the troubleshooting tips below. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your washer, contact a technician at a Washing Machine Repair Murrieta CA company for professional service.

Machine Doesn’t Fill Up With Water

The most obvious reason why there isn’t any water coming into your machine is because the water isn’t turned on. If you do have the water turned on, inspect the hoses for wear or kinks in the lines. Disconnect the water lines that run to your washer, examine the water inlet valve and look for obstructions. Inspect the filter screens on the ends of the hoses and look for debris or an object that may be clogging up the screens.

Water Overflow

If the water is filling your machine too much and causing it to overflow, the pressure switch or timer may be faulty. A technician can test the switch and timer and replace the component if it’s malfunctioning.

Water Doesn’t Drain Out Of The Tub

If your clothes are finished with their washing cycle and you still have water standing in the tub, there are several things that may be amiss. Your washer may have a broken or worn drive belt. Another reason may be that the motor coupler needs replacing. If you’re still having problems with your washer, the water pump may have stopped working. To know more, click here.

Water On The Floor

If you notice water on the floor in the front, sides or back of your washer, the outer portion of the tub may be corroded. If you don’t see any holes in your washing machine tub, the seal may be cracked, broken or deteriorated. The tub may also have a worn bearing that needs to be replaced by a technician at a Washing Machine Repair Murrieta CA company.

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