Why You Might Need An Electric Hoist

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Why You Might Need An Electric Hoist


smith jenifer

You will find an electric hoist being used in many different walks of life, ranging from builders and mechanics, engineering companies and even in the home as electric hoists are used by people that have difficulty in getting in and out of bed for instance.

A builder would find an electric hoist very useful for moving heavy items. Imagine tiling a roof and having to climb up and down ladders all day to collect your tiles a few at a time. An electric hoist will do all the hard work for you and lift a far greater number of tiles in one go than one person could ever manage.


Steel girders or lead sheeting could be easily lifted onto a roof or into a loft space with the help of an electric hoist, again doing the work far quicker than a human could ever manage. Also any reputable garage is sure to have an electric hoist as they will use it to remove and change a car s engine.

Hospitals and care homes will have a patient electric hoist to help people in and out of bed, or in and out of the bath. These can be permanently fixed to walls and ceilings, or there are electric hoists that are free standing which can be moved from room to room as and when they are needed.

The electric hoist found in use at the builders yard or garage for example can be of varying strength. Obviously the larger companies will have hoists that can lift virtually any weight, but should you need an electric hoist of your own you can buy much smaller ones that lift up to a certain weight.

The internet is full of companies that sell all different types of electric hoists. You will be able to compare prices and compare all the strengths and weaknesses of each electric hoist available. It is always a good idea to take a trip to your nearest supplier as well and ask to see an electric hoist in operation and see how easy there are to operate. Whatever you need your electric hoist for you are sure to find one that is suitable for your own personal needs.

Linian design and manufacture the finest and safest

electric hoists

. Our years of experience and dedication to providing customer satisfaction have allowed us to provide them with


that meet any requirements.

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7 Surprising Benefits Of Permanent Life Insurance

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7 Surprising Benefits Of Permanent Life Insurance


Joe Maas

No one likes to think about their demise, so life insurance can be an unpleasant topic sometimes. But when you know the flexibility and benefits of life insurance, it has some really exciting applications. Here are seven benefits of permanent life insurance that might surprise you.

1. Life insurance is a non-reportable asset when applying for federal aid through a federal program such as FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), so funds in your life insurance policies may not restrict your children\’s potential for acquiring government-funded college loans. You can use the accumulated cash value in your policy to help fund your children\’s college education without jeopardizing your life insurance coverage too! Everybody wins.

2. Life insurance proceeds usually go to your beneficiaries income tax free.


3. Assets in your life insurance policy, such as accumulated cash value and retained dividends, can be withdrawn and used income tax free through loans and surrender of basis. You can use this cash value for a down payment on a home, to fund retirement, pay for additional education, etc. In other words, you can make your money work for you.

4. If you choose, you can withdraw sometimes as much as 90% of your policy\’s resources and still keep the policy\’s integrity.

5. If you borrow from your policy, you will be charged an interest rate, but you are also credited with a rate. If the loan rate is 8%, and the credit rate is 7%, your loan cost is only 1%. (This is a general example only; always consult your insurance advisor.)

6. Being allowed to borrow from your policy is an advantage. If you had to cancel your policy to acquire its funds, the money may be subject to income tax at your tax bracket\’s rate. It could be better being charged a 1% rate, per the example, than a 30% tax bracket rate for a forfeited policy.

7. Life insurance is a good tool for making a deferred compensation arrangement with your executives or key man. For example, if you want to secure the services of one of your executives, you can have the company purchase a permanent life insurance policy, that accumulates cash value, to defer compensation for 10 years. If the executive remains the 10 years, the proceeds from the policy act as a form of a retirement plan; if the executive should die beforehand, the proceeds can go to the family.

There are dozens of other ways to use life insurance to your advantage. To learn more, contact your insurance agent, investment advisor or financial planner to find out how life insurance can help you reach your financial goals.

Copyright (c) 2014 Joe Maas

Life insurance is an important part of an individual\’s long-term financial plan. To learn more about how it fits into your portfolio, contact the financial planning and investment experts at Synergetic Finance in Seattle. Learn more at Synergetic Finance\’s




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How To Make An Offer On A Property

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Submitted by: Jack Bosch

In the last ten years, I ve done over 5,000 real estate deals. So I guess you could say, I ve made a few offers in my time. You might think the only important thing about an offer is the amount of money involved. Yes, the dollar amount is often critical, but there are several other factors most people don t take into account that can mean the difference between a sale and a rejection.

After you ve made initial contact with a potential seller and they ve indicated their interest in possibly selling their property, it s time to make your offer. What should it include?

First, an offer letter should always look professional and be well written with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Since, in most cases, you might never have met the potential seller in person, the only way the seller can gauge your credibility is through your communication. A potential buyer is more likely to consider your offer if your letter is respectful, brief and clear.

The most important things to be clear about are the dollar amounts involved. There are three figures you MUST spell out clearly:

1)The total amount you are offering for the property

2)The amount of that total that will be put toward any outstanding tax liens (if this is relevant)


3)And finally the NET AMOUNT that the seller will walk away with.

It s very important you spell all this out as clearly and directly as possible, especially if there are tax liens on the property. You don t want to give the seller the impression that they are going to walk away with more cash than they really are. This will lead to frustration and potential legal hassles down the road if the seller threatens to pull out of the contract.

The legally binding part of your offer the actual contract is called a Sale Agreement. Personally, I like to refer to this in my offer to a seller as a Purchase Agreement . It s the same thing, but calling it a Purchase Agreement helps reduce any confusion the seller might have. (I ve gotten feed back over the years from sellers who thought they were being asked to buy something instead of sell something when I sent them a Sale Agreement. ) So now I just call it a Purchase Agreement.

There are four items a Purchase Agreement MUST include for it to be legally valid:

1)Who are the parties involved in the transaction? The buyer and seller (grantor and grantee) need to be named.

2)The consideration. (This is just a fancy way of saying price.)

3)The subject of the contract what is the specific property that s being exchanged?

4)The signature of both parties, which indicates legal consent.

Legally, those are the four things which are required for the Purchase Agreement to be a valid contract. However, there are two more items you should also consider including:

1)The date of close. The deal will be done on or before whatever date you set here. This gives everyone involved a sense of the timeline and allows you to keep the pressure on so everyone knows there s a target.

2)An expiration date. Again, this is optional, but it gives the seller one more reason to act quickly. It s always to our advantage as real estate investors to get deals done quickly. The sooner we buy, the sooner we sell. Adding an expiration date indicates your offer will be retracted if it s not accepted within a certain time period.

Keep it as simple as possible. A Purchase Agreement does not have to be pages and pages of legal text. Remember, the whole idea is that we re making it as easy as possible for the seller to say yes. The Purchase Agreement can fit on a single page.

I explore this simple technique for reaching out to buyers much more in depth in my real estate investing course which explains not only how to make deals, but exactly how to find these crucial potential buyers and purchase property for literally pennies on the dollar. Find all this at: www.landprofitgenerator.com.

Jack Bosch has revealed where to find the best investment property just for you at www.landforpennies.com. You can get a free preview of Jack Bosch s innovative course by visiting www.jackbosch.com

About the Author: Jack Bosch began investing in real estate in 1999. Along the way he discovered a secret system of buying land for literally pennies on the dollar and reselling the property for thousands more. Since his first transaction he has personally bought and sold over 5000 properties using his fine tuned system. Jack to this day still invests and profits from real estate, however now he also offers his secret strategy of buying and selling real estate for huge profits to You!To learn more go to






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Is Now The Right Time To Buy Real Estate?

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By Evan Sage

Yes, there is a large group of people who have great opportunities in front of them right now. Some of them just don’t know it yet. Move up Buyers, First time buyers, Investors and Builders with cash for inventory are all in a good position to take advantage of this downturn market.

We are now seeing the best opportunities to purchase in several years. Competition for properties is low, interest rates are a bargain (3.99% for a 5 year fixed) and Canada looks like it will have the quickest economic recovery. Now is the time to make a move and create some wealth for your future.

If you look you can find a situation where you have a strong Toronto Real Estate Agent representing you and an eager seller or a property that has been on the market for a long time. Just make sure your agent is capable of negotiating and can prove that they have done so in the past.

The move up buyer is the person who currently owns their own home but is looking to buy a larger lot, a nicer home, something that is completely renovated or maybe leaving a condo for a house. It is true that you will lose money selling your existing home in the current market, but that is fine because you will be buying something at a higher price which will allow you to make back every penny of the loss and create new gains.


The real estate buyer who is in the best position is the one who was on the fence 6 months ago about whether or not they should buy a better home or someone who received a promotion or raise but has been too busy with the new job to execute a move. As long as you have some job security, now is the best time to make the jump.

If you bought your current home for $600K in 2007 and now you can maybe sell it for $500K. You have taken $100K loss. That is okay if you buy a more expensive home in the same market because the home that was bought for $1.2M in 2007 is only selling for $1M today. Therefore you make back the $100K you lost on the sale of your existing home plus you saved an additional $100K by buying in today’s market. The above mentioned situation will vary depending on your specific situation so be sure to work with your real estate agent to work out the exact figures to ensure it is a profitable move for you.

In central and downtown Toronto it does not seem like things are going to slow down much more, we are starting to see the surplus inventory dry up and there is a lag in new listings.

First time buyers are also in an amazing position to jump into the real estate market feet first. The official description of a first time buyer is someone who has never owned property before or has not had an interest in owning a property for at least 4 years.

There are a lot of government programs available to assist the first time purchaser. There are rebates for land transfer tax, both municipal and provincial, there is a tax credit to help with closing costs, and you can access $20,000 of your RRSP, tax free, for your down payment. And most importantly, at the introductory level there is a surplus of properties to choose from and negotiate for. The key is to have an agent who is not afraid to go in and fight for the best price for you.

Investment Buyers are also in buying heaven. Right now there are many homes that are available to buy that have multiple units in them. The rental market has stayed strong in Toronto proper and there are still a number of potential tenants filling the appointment books. This is the time to buy because you can lock in a low interest rate with a nominal down payment, which will allow all of the operating costs to be carried by the rental income.

The other segment of the investor buyers are builders. If a builder has sold off their finished products and are now sitting with cash in the bank they can buy up inventory at a good price for future projects and sit on them until the higher markets return.

In every market there are opportunities to be had, you just need to know where to look and be in the right position to take advantage of them.

About the Author: Evan Sage is an award winning

Toronto real estate agent

. Evan instills in his clients the confidence to make the right purchase or sale decision. He achieves this by demonstrating a superior knowledge of

Toronto real estate

and by providing a wealth of free resources on his website evansage.com to educate buyers and sellers in Toronto.



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When Should A Public Adjuster Get Involved In Your Homeowners Insurance Claim?

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By Kim Cary

We all know the saying: Sooner is better than later.

A homeowner called Quality Claims recently looking for assistance with his claim. He had suffered a large water loss to his home originating from the roof, down through the second floor and eventually flooding the first floor.

When he called us, his claim had been open six months and he was in the final stages of the claim but was being worn down by his insurance carrier. The homeowner had not yet submitted his personal property portion of the loss because he was so exhausted with the claim already.

Here is the nightmare story.

Representing his insurance carrier, the first insurance adjuster wrote an estimate and issued a check but the amount was not enough to cover the damage. Soon after, his claim was reassigned to a second adjuster, then a third adjuster, and then to a fourth adjuster. Throughout the claim process, each request for a repair estimate revision led to other repair items “accidentally” being removed from the estimate.

Although the red flags were raised with the first adjuster reassignment, the alert level finally reached severe when a carrier-appointed engineer inspected the home after the repairs started. Not knowing what the damage initially looked like, the engineer began removing items from the estimate written by the first adjuster that had been re-adjusted by both the second and third adjuster.


At this point the claim seemed out of control and the homeowner started looking for help on the internet. After researching his options, he discovered that his potential rescuer could be a Public Adjuster.

Licensed public adjusters assist homeowners and business owners in preparing, presenting and resolving their claims with their insurance carriers. A public adjuster knows the rights of the insured and can facilitate a swift resolution of the claim. Even better, an experienced public adjuster knows how insurance companies work and how they liked to be worked with and can often obtain the best possible offer with the least amount of conflict and argument. This is good for the homeowner as well as the insurance company.

Unfortunately, at the late stage of this particular claim with so much history between the homeowner and the carrier, it is too late for a public adjuster to be very helpful.

Here is the lesson to be learned. Don’t wait. As soon as the first red flag goes up, find yourself a reputable, local public adjuster. A homeowner should pay close attention to a carrier’s actions from the very beginning of the claim. They should definitely consider hiring a public adjuster if the handling of a claim begins to take over time normally spent working or taking care of a family.

This exhausted homeowner wished he had known about the public adjusting profession when his loss occurred. He believes that had he known, he would have hired a public adjuster much sooner and avoided a lot of wasted time and aggravation and ended up with a fair settlement.

It should be noted that many claims can be amicably resolved with a carrier and do not require the assistance of a public adjuster.

If you need help finding an experienced public adjuster, you can visit the NAPIA website (National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters) http://www.napia.com or your state organization. In California, the organization is CAPIA – California Association of Insurance Adjusters http://www.capiainc.com.

Kim Cary – Senior General Adjuster

Kim Cary came to the public adjusting industry in 1995 from the real estate appraisal field. She is currently a member of NAPIA and is licensed in 43 states. In 2005, she coordinated and managed claim reporting efforts for GMAC Mortgage after Hurricane Katrina hit. She has also assisted many homeowners with their claims in San Diego following the 2007 wildfires.

About Quality Claims Management

Quality Claims Management Corporation provides hazard claim recovery services to investors, mortgage servicers, homeowners and businesses. All claims are adjusted by licensed insurance professionals for an equitable settlement and accelerated resolution timelines.

QCMC’s core focus is unparalleled expertise in policy coverage and the technical aspects of mortgagee and homeowner claims. QCMC has worked with homeowners and businesses including those affected by catastrophic natural disasters such as the 2003 and 2007 Southern California Wildfires, and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

About the Author: Kim Cary came to the public adjusting industry in 1995 from the real estate appraisal field. She is currently a member of NAPIA and is licensed in 43 states. Contact Quality Claims Management 866-450-1183

Source: isnare.com

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Retirement Gift Ideas That Can Make An Elder Happy}

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Retirement Gift Ideas that Can Make an Elder Happy


stefan pongratzWhen an employee retires from his office after years of dedicated and faithful service and unflinching hard work his colleagues demonstrate their respect and appreciation for him by presenting the super-annuated man with gifts as a token of recognition of his life long service.Retirement gifts are much more formal than normal gifts. The good thing is that you don’t have to scratch your brains wondering what might be an ideal gift for your retiring colleague. There are plenty of online gift stores specializing in retirement gifts. Just switch on the internet, visit such a site, go through their list of catalogues and select whatever you think is suitable. These online gift stores will offer you a wide and eclectic range of retirement gifts and you can be assured that you will be spoilt for choice.Bidding adieu to your long term colleague is a difficult task. To make the parting moment special, you can take the help of the following tips.Arrange a small surprise party for your retirement colleague and all the employees of the same department should join in the celebrations. Wish him all the best in his super-annuated life by presenting him with a professionally made floral bouquet(you may consider orchids, if your budget permits), a gift basket containing an assortment of cakes and pastries, frozen desserts, gourmet cheese, designer coffee from central America or flavored premium quality Darjeeling tea(if he is a tea aficionado), the choicest collection of sparkling smooth wine or satiny champagne with champagne flutes sourced from the best vineyards of the Mediterranean, Chile or coastal regions. Ensure that the basket is beautifully decorated. You can also add a box of gourmet assorted chocolates if you like.A classic time piece or watch or metal pocket watch or a glass and golden finish/wooden finish/white metal finish mantle clock is a timeless retirement gift, popular all over the world.A signature frame with an engraved plaque containing messages, signatures and wishes from co-workers is a true keepsake that he will cherish throughout his life.You may also consider gifting travel vouchers, leather items, personalized mahogany box keepsake, personalized mementos /souvenirs/handcrafted photo albums/picture frames/photo stands, commemoration mugs, bone china gift sets, crystal figurines or centerpieces, wall hangings, religious idols etc that will make the retiree feel special.Some other retirement gifts include:-Golf kitWine decanterDrink dispenserAutobiography journalsBonsai indoor plantsBooksPersonal library kitLeather wine presentation casesTelescopesBilliard ball setLeather passport holdersWeather stationsBackyard hammocksPorch swingsReclining/massaging chairsRocking chair for the old fashionedHome decor itemsPersonalized ceramic mugLeather luggage itemsA gourmet dinner treat at a fine-dining destinationWisheo – Group Gift and Wishlist

is a new innovate service which enables people to buy valuable gifts for special occasions. If your wedding is coming up and you need to send out


wedding invitations

, now is a good time to create a

gift registry


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Select Birthday Party Balloons To Decorate Your House

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Submitted by: Raymond Plona

Both adults and children enjoy the once in a year celebrated special occasion of the year birthday parties with great fun. Feel the excitement of your ninety year old grandma while you wish her happy birthday and she has lots of smile on her wrinkled face. Although some adults don t admit but they too want to be remembered on their birthdays like kids usually do.

Often birthday celebrations are projected innovatively by showcasing picture of ten year olds surrounded by friends and relatives blowing off ten candles to celebrating such occasion in front of huge birthday cakes designed as fighter plane. Other assumption can be prominent celebrities celebrating it with ten kg birthday cake. Birthdays turn unique for ordinary adults whose sole motive is to project happiness through face. Gift and simple family dinner are other crucial aspects. Is it really exciting? Big difference is that usually adult birthday parties are wilder than the ones celebrated by kids that are calm and filled with lots of fun.

After all birthdays are meant to enjoy. Throw grand party if you can afford it and are well off financially but in case you don t have options for that grand party go for cheaper options with exciting birthday party supplies. These options are wondrous for the partiers who don t invest much imagination and not even do specific planning but have great enjoyment of birthday party in the company of close relatives and friends. In the meanwhile they don t even face financial burden. Their sole motive is enjoyment.

Explore an idea of having readymade items at home instead of buying from birthday party supplies when you have enough time for that. When you send handmade birthday cards your guests feel warmth you had showcased and in the meanwhile you save money too. Planning is most important factor. Even though you don t have spare time manage some for this special purpose because birthdays are not weekly affairs. Keep the wish of your relative at high and make the entire affair affordable. You are arranging time for other important activities so do you do for this specific assignment. It is possible only when you have positive mindset.

It is impossible to make balloons by your own and you can t live without them. Purchase them rather and have choice of various types of birthday party balloons to feel the ballooning essence. Your party turns important due to ballooning choices of different shapes, sizes and colours available in the market. Buy them and decorate in your house according to your choice. Such efforts are not complicated but your decoration surely becomes splendid. Your preparations would meet double purpose of decorating home and in the meanwhile will be part of gifting material for guests. Everybody will use them as mementos. Guests will turn them keepsake as treasure.

As decorations are mood setting elements they are good for all parties. Make sure that your decoration matches the theme of occasion. There must be big difference in the decoration for farewell and birthday parties. Market offers lots of decorative options. Have more ideas from internet. It is important though that you shouldn t prefer online finding option with birthday party supplies websites until and unless you plan a grand party. Merely spending money without focused approach in a party is useless. Such arrangement may annoy your guests. Think twice and make it sure that guests attend parties for enjoyment. They don t come to admire your preparations.


Purchase a few better pieces and then introspect how the idea actually works. You can go with the following:

?You must have some old items being kept in the locker. Use them by placing strategically after getting them out.

?Purchase some new items which resembles with the old ones. It would help you develop best collection.

?Offer best opportunity to your guests to roam around in the venue and also make sure that they either old or young have not damaged any of your favourable items there intentionally or unintentionally. In case your venue is small arrange the party by keeping breakable items at safer place.

?Select birthday party balloons to decorate your birthday party venue.

?Paper chains may be old fashioned, but they are really pretty enough.

?Redouble the attraction with beautiful candles.

?Cake must be decorated properly. After all it is the centre of attraction.

?Create glamour in your party by arranging beautiful unbreakable crockery and setting them properly.

?Proper arrangement of flowers would help you have everybody s attention.

?Select the Mylar balloons carefully which are very common these days due to quality and colour combination. Don t release them in the environment as the cases of birds bumping against them are reported resulting into killing of birds.

?Have big grin. It is really an excellent birthday party supply and not common though.

About the Author: Raymond Plona advocates using only the best birthday party supplies materials to plan out a party for maximum enjoyment. Examples are birthday party favors,

1st birthday party candles

, party photo albums,

1st birthday banners

and so on.



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Learn Chinese Online

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Learn Chinese Online by Mike Cheng

Learning a foreign language can be a part of study for some people, while it may be a hobby for some. Many people are interested in learning different foreign languages such as Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Chinese. Chinese is said to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. You can attend the Chinese language classes or get adequate training from the experts. The easiest and most convenient way to get acquainted with this language is to learn Chinese online.

It requires lots of efforts, commitment and time to learn any foreign language. People tend to learn the Chinese language for different purposes such as to improve chances of employment, to enhance their travel experience, or to help in negotiating the internal business agreements. Chinese is a very interesting language to study. As this language is spoken worldwide, more and more people are turning to learn Chinese online .

Chinese language is based on a simple structure of characters and language. It involves the use of varying tones to offer a different meaning to a word. When you start to learn the Chinese language, you get a window to understand the Chinese culture and their way of life. There are several ways to learn this language. In some colleges and universities, Chinese language is a part of academic program where you can get all the basics of this language. You can join the private classes to be familiar with this language. Another way is to get training from Chinese language experts.

If it is not possible for you to join college or private classes, then you may opt for online courses to learn Chinese online. There are numerous websites that are dedicated to Chinese language. If you access these sites, you will get excellent information regarding the basics of Chinese language. Different types of courses are available on the internet such as audio courses, video courses and programs conducted by China’s best teachers.

When you try to learn Chinese online , you will come across different alphabets of Chinese language. You should start with learning the pronunciation. The very first step in learning this language is to learn Chinese Pinyin. Pinyin consists of all the Chinese phonetic alphabets, which are used pronouncing the Chinese characters. You can learn to distinguish different tones by paying kin attention to four types of reading the Pinyin letters, finals, initials and other possible combinations.

Through the audio online courses, you can learn about the phonetics and accents of Chinese languages. You can listen and learn simple Chinese vocabulary. You may get the fluency in everyday grammar use and speaking by attending these online courses regularly. Modern audio and video online courses offer a more convenient, up-to-date and efficient introduction to reading and writing Chinese. Language experts and China’s best teachers prepare online Chinese programs. Every online course starts with the basics of language and gradually promotes the students to attend the level of confident and smooth communication. Online Chinese program includes:

All texts in Pinyin and Chinese characters

Plenty of practice exercises

Step-by-step guide to grammar and pronunciation

Practical vocabulary and bilingual glossary

An exploration of the Chinese culture

Uncluttered, clear and user-friendly layout

Learning Chinese satisfies your desire to grasp a foreign language as well as it can become the significant step in your career development.

Mike Cheng is the owner of the mandomandarin.com for more information visit at mandomandarin.comArticle Source: eArticlesOnline.com

Care Homes Will Britain Once Again Follow The American Trend?}

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Care Homes – Will Britain once again follow the American trend?


Rupert Finlay

In the 1960s care homes were few and far between, and going to one was then seen as a luxury. Sadly that opinion has died off of late, care homes are now seen as more of an expensive inevitability than any real gratification. With a care home or nursing home on every nearly street, the market has squeezed to fit our ageing population. Sadly, so has the competitive nature of the industry. Smaller family run care businesses seem to be now a thing of the past, as larger, modern luxurious facilities take the glimmer off smaller family run care homes that cannot compete. The term care village was labelled on the larger care facilities by American care providers in the late 40s.

America now offers over 300 care villages to its population, in comparison to Britains 20 or so.


Smaller homes local to these large care villages have recently seen at least a dip in profit and in many cases closure. The American care industry is made up largely of care villages that appear to offer everything a senior adult would wish for.

The crippling fact is that Britain seems to going to the same way, lowering choice and taking smaller care homes out of business. However, can these care villages change the standard negative view of moving into full time care? The villages are often referred to as hotels, and generally this label is not far from the truth. They have a large range of activities and facilities, as well as 100s of people to associate with at any time. The sad fact of business is that only the strong survive, and in this case if the market demands larger, newer quality homes or villages then that is what will be supplied.

New larger villages offer more jobs, security to residents and more activities than the now dying out private homes. These villages can cater to all spectrums of care needs from basic retirement to full on nursing24 hour care. With this in mind, residents no longer have to move from their settled environment once their care needs worsen in time. This can often alter their mental state of mind therefore affecting their physical state.

Although standards of care may not differ hugely between the larger care villages and the smaller family run care facilities. The opinion of which facility offers the higher standard of care is hugely different. With power of eternity going to close loved ones, the decision to move mum into the new luxurious home over the small 10 bed home at the end of the road is made, adding to the already steep decline of the small traditional care home.

I think anyone in the industry would welcome a new change and a fresh face and opportunity to potential clients, of course care villages are not for everyone but then neither are smaller old fashioned homes. Watch this space.

About the AuthorRupert Finlay is the directors of Care Homes Today, which is the UK’s leading private care advice service.http://www.carehomestoday.co.uk(For usage of the above article, both the text and link above must be used)

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Care Homes – Will Britain once again follow the American trend?}

Should I Call My Exboyfriend If He Hasn’t Called Me?}

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Submitted by: Anthony Malibu

Getting your ex boyfriend back can be scary and frustrating. You might not know how he feels about you, and may question whether or not he even wants to date you again. In an effort to win him over, you’ll worry about when and how you should be making contact, as well as what you should say when you talk to your ex again. If your ex hasn’t called yet, here’s what you should know.

Breakups are always different, but the reconciliation process always starts the same way: re-establishing contact with your ex boyfriend. Should you contact your ex? How long should you wait? And are there ways of getting him to dial you up first? Many women are faced with the same problem after a breakup: My ex boyfriend hasn’t called me. This is invariably followed up with the same question: Should I call him?

Before worrying about whether or not you should get in touch with your ex, you’ll first need to establish a situation in which your boyfriend misses you. When he actually wants to hear from you again, the results of your exboyfriend contact will be much more favorable. There are two things you need to do before even considering making such a phone call, and they’re listed below:

Create The Illusion That You’re Totally Over The Relationship

Chasing after your boyfriend? He’s never going to want you back. It’s human nature to want the things we can’t have, so the minute your ex thinks you’re walking away from the relationship… this is also the exact moment he considers being with you again. Sound strange? In a way it is. But when you’re always hounding your ex and trying to get him to change his mind about breaking up with you, he knows that he can have you back at any time. While he knows this, he’s going to keep you on the back burner… while he enjoys single life.

If you want your boyfriend back, you can’t show it. Don’t write him love notes or leave cards on his windshield… don’t even let him know you’re sweating him. By walking cleanly away from the romance, you’re giving the impression that you have better things to do. Many women are worried that not showing an interest in your ex boyfriend will cause him to not show any future interest in you, but in actuality the opposite effect takes place. The more you ignore someone? The more they need to know



. The more you don’t seem like you need them, the more they need you.

Instead of sitting around wondering why my ex boyfriend hasn’t called me, you should be creating an atmosphere in which

he needs to call you

. By staying strong after the break up is a critical part of getting your ex back. Let him know you’ve accepted the breakup. Hell, make it known that you’ve even


it. Allow him to hear about how thrilled you are to be single again – through friends or family or co-workers… however you have to do it. Because once he gets that impression, you’ll become a hell of a lot more attractive to him again.

Surround Your New Life in Mystery by Breaking All Contact

Establishing that you’ve moved on is made all the more effective when you’ve completely stopped talking to your ex. Instead of asking yourself when should I call him, you should be wondering when is my ex boyfriend going to call me! The no contact rule means just that – no communication with your ex in any way, shape, or form. Don’t email your exboyfriend thinking it’s okay. Don’t send him even one little text-message, not even to wish him happy birthday. When you first break up, staying completely silent is the only way to get your ex interested in what you’re doing again. Because while you’re still around in plain view? You’re actually prolonging the break up.

When you’ve stopped communicating with your ex boyfriend, guess what happens? Your ex will start to miss you. He’ll start thinking that you’ve moved on to bigger and better things, and chances are good that his situation has stood still. This will cause him to question the breakup, and maybe even want to call it off. His decision to end things doesn’t look so good when he realizes you’re not chasing after him or trying to get him back, but that in fact you’ve moved on to the point where you’re not even talking to him anymore.

Getting Your Exboyfriend To Call You After The Breakup

After getting dumped, it’s not uncommon to struggle with the question of initiating contact. Should I call him? How long should I wait before calling or texting him? Making the mistake of chasing your boyfriend down can actually scare him away for good. Guys feel strange and awkward after breaking up with you, which is why they want to be left alone for a little while. Unfortunately, this is when many girls feel the pressing need to try the hardest, thinking they can somehow change their exboyfriend’s mind.

If you’re sitting by the phone wondering why my ex boyfriend hasn’t called me yet, it’s because he needs some space. Wondering if you should call him yourself is not a good idea. That being said, eventually you’ll have to somehow get back in touch… just not right now. In order to get back together with your ex, you’ll need to reconnect – and you’ll want to make sure you do it at the right time.

The best type of reconnection? One in which you get your ex boyfriend to call you. There are several methods you can use to accomplish this, and there are some really great techniques for making him curious about you again. Your goal is to put yourself back in your ex’s head, but to do it indirectly so you don’t seem like you’re trying too hard. Also, by making him genuinely need to know what you’re up to, you can get him to initiate contact by phone, email, text-message, or whatever.

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