Inexpensive Essential Oils

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By Sara Ryan

So, what exactly are cheap essential oils? The term “cheap” has a different meaning for each person. Usually, the term is referred to as costing less.

It is always important to purchase essential oils made of quality ingredients. When you purchase a cheap essential oil, you are actually buying an oil that has been distilled probably 3 or 4 times. The quality will not be good at all. It’s not wise to purchase essential oils based on only their quality of smell. The therapeutic quality is very important. When the quality of the oil is reduced, so are the therapeutic benefits.

When you purchase essential oils, you should look at the quality more than the price. If the price is low, the oil will be as well. Most all vendors have to charge a high price for the oils due to the high cost they pay for the oil themselves.


There are many people who are only interested in buying low priced products. Even when it comes to essential oils, they search for the cheapest they can find. There are some vendors who sell low quality essential oils at lower prices, and they target these types of people. The oil these people get stuck with has no aromatic or therapeutic benefit at all.

To summarize the above case, actually the borrower loses his money he worked so hard for. One reason is because he paid a premium on a correct price and secondly, he bought a value of no worth. This happens when essential oils are not regulated by an special agency. Most all vendors charge different prices on their essential oils. So how does each buyer determine the price he will charge for his essential oil? This is quite hard to understand but not 100% impossible.

One very important thing to do when shopping around for lower price essential oils is to decide what purpose you are buying the oil for. If an aroma therapist suggested you use it for a specific problem, you will need to locate that essential oil. Many essential oils like lavender can be bought over the counter and are usually quite affordable. Sandalwood is usually pretty expensive, on the other hand. When purchasing Sandalwood, you should purchase the Indian oil rather than the Australian if you want better quality. If an essential oil is organic, the price will be higher.

Next, you need to write yourself a list of reputable companies to buy essential oils from. You can get a price from each company and thus, you will have a complete overview of the aspects you need to consider in your purchase.

Lastly, you need to decide if you prefer to purchase an essential oil locally or would you rather buy an imported essential oil and have it shipped to you. Keep in mind that when you buy from overseas, you will not be able to see the product before buying. If you are lucky, the vender will offer you a sample through the mail before you make the purchase.

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