How To Get Rid Of Hard Water Stains

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By Gracie Roloff

Water stains can be disgusting and make your furniture noticeable of its dirt. It will leave your bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and even furniture on your living room a haw stain that is annoying. Water stains are caused by hard water that has chemicals which causes stains to become visible. It is a very common problem inside your house. An area of the house when not cleaned properly will leave water residue and makes it into water stains eventually. There are many methods to follow in removing water stains.

Apply an amount of natural acid that can be found inside your house like pure vinegar. People usually use this basic method in removing stain. Pour an amount of vinegar to the area where you see water stains. Leave it for 30 minutes or more. After that, wash it warm water and clean it with clean cloth. You will see the residue of the stains unto the cloth you use for wiping. This can be done also by using lemon juice and lemon skin. Pour the lemon juice to the affected area and scrub it with lemon skin until stains will become invisible or fading. After scrubbing, pour another amount of lemon juice to the same area and leave it for few minutes. Brush it and wash with water as well.


If your problem is to remove water stain on your glass windows and doors, there is a better solution to that. Hawaii has created the best product that can remove water stains on glasses right away. It is so affordable and will really make you feel satisfied for its result. It is called Rid X and is very effective. You do not need to exert extra effort in brushing the stains away from your window glasses for it will automatically soften the stains for just few minutes.

Removing stains in toilets and bathrooms can be done by using stain remover that can be bought in any stores. Just pour it to the stained area and leave it for few minutes. Use steel wool in brushing it so you will surely remove the stains that has been stocked to the tiles and floors for how many days already. These methods are all useful in getting rid of these water stains and are of different usage. Just try which one would work and see how stocked those water stains are so you will know.

While some areas are just known for these problems, what youre going to find out is that youre going to want to look into special products in your area. Check with a local hardware store to see what they recommend. You will be surprised at what you can get for a few dollars. There are a few cool products on the market that will only cost you a few bucks.

While many go out and invest thousands into a water softener, you will find that you will want to check into solutions that are cheaper rather than going straight to the most expensive item.

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