Choosing Your Best Fit In Auto Careers

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Choosing Your Best Fit in Auto Careers


Valeria Stephens

When you are considering your options for auto careers, you are probably wondering what would be a good fit. Should you take on the multi-year commitment to be a certified automotive service technician, get a big rig driver s licence to take a cargo truck out on the road, get ready to take a taxi around the city at all hours and in all weather, or invest in dispatcher training and work from a centralized switchboard?

Obviously your personal disposition matters. If you re not ready to get greasy with a wrench, automotive service technician might be a poor fit (though there are always options in painting and detailing!), while if you are a wizard behind the wheel, you might really be a fantastic fit as a professional driver. Dispatcher training, on the other hand, has the advantage that it is relatively quick to get the skills you need and get the appropriate radio certification.


Any of these options make a great second career. Transitioning from trucks to taxis is particularly common. With so many years on the open road, ferrying passengers is an easy transition. It s particularly good for retirees, because the hours might not be as intense and you can stay much closer to home. Plus, with a truck driving licence, a taxi licence is particularly easy to acquire. Both take a special exam and driving test.

Of course how you learn also depends on what you pick. Automotive Service Technician career paths start with a government controlled process involving first formal classes at a mechanic program and then a lengthy practical internship, as well as important exams to help you get portable certification. Cars and trucks are complicated and there is little margin of error, so it can take you six to eight years to become a fully-fledged auto service technician. Of course these skills are in very high demand, as you might imagine!

Dispatcher training, on the other hand, can be finished in less than a year. The emphasis is on switchboard and radio skills. You might be an emergency dispatcher for police, fire services and other emergency response vehicles, or you could work commercially, at the centre of a transport network. Whether you are helping people put out burning buildings or get bread delivered on time, you will need a clear voice and a great deal of patience, but also a strong attention to detail.

Professional drivers may get certified as fast as the province allows, but many choose special driving lessons. Some municipalities issue strict control over who may take to the road, until you have an expert s map knowledge. In any case, there are lots of mazing options in auto careers, for every person and every ambition.

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Choosing Your Best Fit in Auto Careers

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