Doggy Pads: An Essential Accessory For Your Beloved Pet

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Doggy pads, also known as puppy pads or pee pads, are an indispensable tool for pet owners. Whether training a puppy or managing an older dog with incontinence problems, doggy pads provide a simple solution to keeping your home clean and odor-free. Let’s delve deeper into the use, selection, and benefits of these pads.

What are Doggy Pads?

Doggy pads are square or rectangular layers of absorbent material which your dog or puppy can urinate on. Designed for easy clean-up and disposal, these pads are perfect for pets adjusting to a new home, or for older dogs who might have difficulty controlling their bathroom habits.

Why are Doggy Pads Useful?

Doggy pads are beneficial for various reasons. During house training, these pads create a specific spot where your pup can ‘go’, making it easier for them to understand where they should and should not relieve themselves. Not only can this significantly speed up the training process, but it can help reduce the inevitable mess involved in training a new dog. These pads are particularly advantageous for apartment living, where outdoor spaces may not be readily accessible.

For older dogs, doggy pads can be a lifesaver. Age can bring about a myriad of health issues, including incontinence, and dog pads are an accommodating tool to provide comfort and dignity to the dog, while protecting your home and furnishings from stains and odors.

Choosing the Right Pad

Selecting the right pad can make a notable difference in the efficacy of your house training routine or your older dog’s comfort. Keep in mind that doggy pads are available in different sizes, materials, and absorbencies. Choose the one that matches the size of your dog and can handle its urination amount.

Whatever type, size, or absorbency of doggy pad you choose, it’s important to use a pad that has a waterproof base. This will prevent urine from seeping through onto your floors. There are also washable varieties available which are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable doggy pads.

Doggy and the City

Doggy and the City is an excellent example of a brand that provides high-quality doggy pads. Their pads are beneficial due to their high absorbency and durability. Another commendable feature is the built-in attractant. This chemical mimics the smell of a dog’s marking, luring your dog to pee on the pad.

Training Your Dog to Use Doggy Pads

The process of training your dog to use a doggy pad requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. Here are a few simple steps:

  • Place the doggy pad in a location that is easily accessible to your dog, but out of the main foot traffic areas in your home.
  • Whenever you see your pet about to do his business, gently guide him to the pad.
  • Reward and praise him each time he uses the pad correctly.

In Conclusion

Doggy pads are an excellent resource whether you’re house training, living in an apartment without an easily accessible outdoor space, or caring for an older pet with incontinence issues. Remember to choose the right size and type of pad to suit your dog’s needs and size. Above all, remember that patience and positive reinforcement is key in any training endeavor.

Pomeranian Dog Breeders / Stud Doga}

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Pomeranian Dog Breeders

There are many Pomeranian Dog Breeders out there, but not all are breeding the correct type. If you go to a show kennel, which you really should, you will have a better chance of getting a puppy correct to the breed.

A good Pomeranian Dog Breeder, will only be breeding from the best stock as they will be looking to breed only the best puppies possible. There are many breeders that are only breeding for profit, with little or no care, taken to the type of puppies that they are breeding.

Good kennels will only breed from the correct size dogs 4-4.5lb for a dog, 5-5.5lb for a bitch. This will ensure correct size puppies which will in-turn make for a more uniform size litter.

Correct size Pomeranian dogs are not easy to breed, and can have many whelping troubles caused mainly by having larger dogs in their history.

A normal size bitch will have a litter of two or three, but the bigger bitches will have a bigger, much more mixed litter, and even if there is a small pup in the litter, it may well grow on to be much bigger then you wanted.

Pomeranian show kennels will not have lots of litters but will be looking to breed the best puppies they can, as each litter could have their next champion.

Many good kennels have websites, where you will be able to see there show dogs, puppies etc. If in doubt about the kennel or puppies then buyer beware, its far better to wait for the right dog.


The Kennel Club have a breeder scheme, of which I am a member, but there is no guarantee that they are breeding to type only and that certain things have been done, like micro chipping, vaccinations, heath checks etc.

My Top 5 Tips For Choosing A Good Pomeranian Dog Breeder Are:-

1. Select From Championship Show Winning Kennels.

2. They Specialise In Only Breeding Pomeranians Or Other Toy Dogs.

3. Ensure They Are A “Kennel Club” Accredited Breeder.

4. Have A Website, To View Type Of Pomeranians Being Bred, & To View Pedigree.

5. They’re Willing To Take The Time To Make Sure The Breed Is Right For You.

Pomeranian Stud Dogs

My advice regarding a Pomeranian stud dog is simple; never use a dog that is not strong and healthy, unless you want weedy or delicate pups.

The ideal Pomeranian stud is a small healthy dog, bred from small show stock. Unless the Pomeranian stud dog is an outstanding good specimen of the breed, you should not be using him at stud.

A top show dog may command a slightly higher stud, somewhere between 250/300, but you puppies will be truer in type, smaller and in much more demand than a bigger Spitzy puppy. A good show kennel will have a choice of stud dogs, with luck a choice of colours, as we all have different taste. You should spend some time well before, researching the best Pomeranian stud dog for your bitch.

You may well have to travel for the right Pomeranian stud dog, but you want to get the best puppies that you can, right? Remember Pomeranians are not easy whelpers so again the choice of Pomeranian stud, coming from small stock is of most importance.Your stud dog choice, should not weigh more than four and a half pound, or less than four pounds.

Also a show kennels with the best Pomeranians stud, will offer and be able to help you sell your pups to the very best homes. There are far too many poor puppies around, your aim should be to bred the best puppies you can,

Dont leave finding your stud dog until the last minute. Before you bitch has come into heat, you need to have you chosen you Pomeranian stud dog already.Then, you will need to ring the kennels as soon as your bitch comes into season, and then take her ten to eleven days later to the kennels.

So my top tips for a good Pomeranians stud dog are

1. Ensure its a good example of the breed. (Go to a show kennel)

2. Ensure the dog is between 4 4.5lbs in weight.

3. Stud comes from Show Breeding to keep the size down.

4. Expect to pay 250/300

5. Check stud has been proven, and ask for recent litter size.

About the Author: Altina Toy Dogs started 25 years ago when I started with a Yorkshire Terrier named Amber.I showed Yorkies with many of my dogs winning RCCs, JWs and Best of Breed at Paignton with Velvet China Blue at Altina, also Best Puppy at Crufts with Altina’s Slave Master.


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