What Is The Best T Shirt Logo Placement?

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So you’ve identified the right t-shirts or Apparel but what about the logo or imprint? Do you just slap on a logo without any further consideration? Hardly. When you order promotional products such as T-Shirts it is important to consider how you want to display your logo to get intended response. Remember this is all about your brand and how you want it to be featured.

Do you want to have a discreet more classy type of representation, or a logo that is clearly visible from across a field or room? Did you pick the right print for on screen reproduction? The location and style of logo imprint all depends on the purpose you are trying to achieve. Here are some basic alternatives for logo imprints:

Big logo imprint on the front

To draw attention to a cause or to a person or event, you should have a large imprint on the front of the shirt. Good examples where these imprints should be used include: At a Trade show for Booth Staff, On Security Guards during a concert or motor sports function, at a charity fund raiser where the functional staff collecting money need to draw attention.


Discreet classy logo on the chest

The archive the highest possible quality impression you will want to put the logo imprint on the left chest area where you will immediately create a tie to brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and Lacoste whose brands are discreetly, consistently placed on the chest. You will especially have use for this imprint location if you intend to use your Promotional Giveaways with people who golf or play tennis.

On the Sleeve

On many shirts today you will find a logo imprint on the sleeve rather than the chest. While this is not a standard, it is recognized as a fashion trend that is ongoing and is therefore something that marketing planners and managers should consider for stocking up seasonal materials to be up to date.

On the Back

Just like some people like big imprints on the bag, if you have use for imprints that will be displayed in large public gatherings, on the back printing may be an option for you. It will make the people easy to recognize – and is a good way to secure extra logo-time should the event be broadcast on TV. Display your logo or website and get “free” air time!

Remember that when you’re ordering T-shirts and apparel for your inventory of Promotional Products, you will see improved results by consider items such as logo placement and color schemes that line up with current fashion. As you certainly know, colors are a fast moving trend from season to season and it while it is important to stock up on basic colors such as white and Navy Blue, it is advisable to have at least 2 or 3 colors that are hip for the moment! Your brand will benefit, and your sales will soar.

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