Ideas For Selecting Printed Wallpapers For Any Room Décor

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Wallpaper, and specifically beautifully printed wallpapers, can turn a well-decorated room into a masterpiece. Choosing the right pattern and style of paper will give your room an extra touch of elegance, a splash of color, or even create the illusion of a larger or smaller space; it is really up to you.

There are some simple ideas or tips to keep in mind when trying to decide which of the printed wallpapers will assist in creating the look you want. Of course, the ultimate choice is always up to you and what your personal preferences, style, and taste may be with regards to the final decision.

Choose Quality


The walls are the largest and most visual component of any room. Choosing quality printed wallpapers, regardless of the color, print, or pattern, is always the most important first factor. A low-quality wallpaper will not give you the perfect look you want, and the life expectancy of the paper will be very limited.

Quality printed wallpapers are typically matte, but there are some more glossy options that can be used in specific rooms of the home or on specific walls to create a focus to the room. For example, metallic wallpaper will create a bold statement in a bathroom or in a formal dining room on one or more walls.

Pattern Size

Keep in mind the individual design, as well as the overall pattern of printed wallpapers, will have an impact on how the eye perceives a room. Small, compact designs within a pattern appear busier and are often used in small rooms or for focus areas in large rooms.

Medium sized patterns are ideal for most rooms of a home including a kitchen, bedroom, dining room or office in a home. These printed wallpapers can be used on all walls or just one specific wall within a room. They also look ideal in smaller rooms if used in combination with solid colors of cabinets and furniture.

Large, bold, and vibrant patterns are typically most effective in larger rooms with big walls. The large space allows the full pattern to develop and not appear choppy or patchwork.


The beauty of printed wallpapers is the option to add colors to the room. These colors can then add highlights through accent pieces, window treatments, and even upholstery and carpeting choices.

You can choose printed wallpapers featuring all once color, such as various shades of blue, or you can choose wallpapers with multiple colors, such as floral or botanical patterns. Ideally, select colors which will be in vogue for years and give you the maximum ability to redecorate without having to change your wallpaper as well.

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