Belly Bandit Compression Wrap Is Great For Post Pregnancy

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By Kyra DeMartini

The period after giving birth to one’s child is a very busy time. You are waking up at all hours to feed your new baby, friends are coming by to visit, your mother in law is calling with endless unwanted advice, and you are trying to get a few hours of sleep with all the commotion. Often, with all that you are doing for others, the last thing you make time to focus on is yourself. This means that the pregnancy weight you have gained stays on longer than expected and it is difficult to find time to work on regaining your pre-pregnancy figure. However, a recent trend in post-pregnancy weight loss has emerged and is being touted by many as a great method to enhance your tummy weight loss: the Belly Bandit. This abdominal compression binder has been used by celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Bethenny Frankel, Julie Bowen, and Minnie Driver. With its many added benefits for your post-pregnancy weight loss, it is a great item to consider using after giving birth.

The Belly Bandit has many positive effects on one’s body, foremost being that it assists in flattening your post-pregnancy belly. This abdominal compression binder applies increased and constant pressure to one’s stomach which flattens one’s belly while helping to define your waistline. The added support of skin stretched from pregnancy can also help reduce stretch marks, a bonus many new mothers are not expecting. Aside from this obvious plus of the Belly Bandit, it has several other great benefits. It decreases bloating caused by water retention while also reducing uterine swelling. The additional support provided for your back is fantastic, and for mothers who breastfeed this support is very helpful during feedings as it will decrease your shoulder and back pain. From assisting you in regaining your pre-pregnancy body to making your post-pregnancy life more comfortable, the Belly Bandit is a great option for new mothers. One would expect something with so many great benefits to be complicated to use, yet on the contrary the Belly Bandit is very straightforward: you simply wrap it around your belly and fasten the Velcro. An easy way to do so is to lay it flat and lie on top of it, and then wrap it around and Velcro it. So quick and easy, you will wonder why you never heard of the Belly Bandit before!


Choosing the correct size Belly Bandit for you is dependent on during which stage of pregnancy you buy it. For comfort and maximum benefits, it is important to choose the right size. For those buying their Belly Bandit early on in pregnancy, order up one to two sizes from your pre-pregnancy belly measurement. If you order it during your eighth month of pregnancy, you will probably be the same size post-pregnancy. Simply measure your tummy all the way around at its largest part and choose the corresponding size from the sizing chart. When ordering the Belly Bandit just before giving birth, subtract three to five inches from your belly measurement to find the proper size. With five inches of adjustment, the Belly Bandit allows room to tighten it as your belly shrinks. Since sizing is so important for one’s comfort and to maximize the benefits, be sure yours fits properly.

Kourtney Kardashian, who gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Mason this past December, was such a huge fan of the Belly Bandit and its benefits that she designed a limited edition version for them. Wanting something that was feminine and sexy, she chose a gorgeous black and tan faux lace design which is a bit edgier than the original Belly Bandit. Super soft tan lining on the inside is very comfy. It is so cute that it can actually be worn over your clothing! For something a bit sexier, Kourtney’s Belly Bandit is a great option! From helping you regain your pre-pregnancy figure to easing neck and back pain, the Belly Bandit is a great option for new mothers. Cute and comfy, it makes a great gift for any new mom. Make sure to choose the right size, and you will greatly appreciate that added benefits which the Belly Bandit provides.

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