Kitchen Remodel Cost: Your Comprehensive Guide

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When planning a kitchen renovation, one of the critical factors to consider is the kitchen remodel cost. It’s a significant investment, and the rationales behind it can be as diverse as improving functionality, updating aesthetics, or increasing the home’s value. But how much does it cost to remodel the kitchen? Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty.

General Kitchen Remodel Cost

The overall cost can vary vastly depending on your kitchen’s size, the scale of the renovation, quality of materials, and where you live. On average, a homeowner in Australia spends between $20,000 and $45,000 to remodel their kitchen. This naturally includes tasks such as installation, plumbing, and electrical work, cabinetry, countertops, and flooring.

Breakdown of Kitchen Remodel Cost

To get an accurate estimate of the potential kitchen remodel cost, you need to consider the different elements involved. Here is a rough breakdown:

  • Cabinetry and hardware: This can take up as much as one-third of your total kitchen remodel cost, approximately $6000 to $20,000. High-quality timber or bespoke solutions will naturally cost more.
  • Installation: Depending on the complexity of the work, installation costs can range from $2500 to $8000.
  • Appliances and ventilation: Depending on what you’re opting for – off-the-shelf or high-end models, you can expect to invest between $2,000 and $20,000.

Kitchen Remodel Extra Costs

Beyond the basic costs of materials and labor, you may also need to assign a portion of your budget for additional expenses such as:

  • Design fees: Hiring a professional kitchen designer can be a wise investment, offering expert guidance and ensuring a smooth build. Factor in around 10% of your total budget for this.
  • Permit fees: Depending on your location and the scale of the remodelling, you may need to pay council fees and permit costs.

Luxury Kitchen Designs

For those looking to create a high-end, sophisticated kitchen space, costs will naturally be higher. Case in point is the luxury kitchen design Australia trend, which can see homeowners spending at least $45,000, and in many cases, well over $100,000. These budgets accommodate top-tier appliances, designer tiles, and exclusive countertop materials, among other distinctive features.

Tips to Control Kitchen Remodel Cost

There are ways to get the class and luxury without breaking the bank. Some tips include:

  • Plan your budget meticulously and stick to it.
  • Choose materials carefully – think about durability and maintenance as well as price.
  • Keep plumbing and electrical systems where they are where possible to save on installation costs.
  • If you’re opting for higher-end finishes, consider doing so on select standout items, rather than in every aspect of your kitchen.

In conclusion, the cost of a kitchen remodel can vary significantly based on numerous factors. From a basic refresh to a luxury makeover like luxury kitchen design Australia, your budget will shape the possibilities. Regardless, a well-planned kitchen remodel can be a fantastic investment, improving your daily life, and potentially adding considerable value to your home.

Top Coffee Maker On The Market Keurig B60

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Submitted by: Jennifer T Hoslow

The Keurig B60 is really a mid-luxury brewer. Though it’s not fully kitted with all the features of budget-blowing brewers, it certainly comes very close. The actual Keurig B60 is a step up from the bargain-buy Keurig B40. By providing more options, a more streamlined look, and also the option to benefit from the same irresistible range of capuccinos, teas and cocoas, Keurig B60 is the clear winner in the Keurig brewer competition. If you are seeking the very best coffee machine on the market today, you will be listening to many perform the praises of this Keurig brewer.

Much more Choice, Much more SmilesKeurig B60 allows coffee drinkers to find the size of their coffee cup. After all, a few morning, the largest cup on the planet could not satiate your espresso desires, along with other occasions a single drink or even two might be sufficient to get you raring and able to go. And when a few size options was not enough, the actual Keurig B60 offers the luxurious of three brew dimensions: 6 ounce., 8 oz., as well as 10 ounce. Also if you’re a devoted espresso drinker, you know the heat of the brewing drinking water produces coffee tastes in the coffee bean diversely.


One of the main factors that espresso lovers are followers of Keurig machines may be the inescapable fact which Keurig coffee preferences so great. The Keurig B60 maker, in collaboration with a few from the best coffee businesses of the world, brings to your kitchen area the actual unbeatable tastes of well-liked capuccinos. Through South africa in order to Hawaii, through gentle breakfast roasts in order to indulgent java, out of your regular beans for your flavor-infused debutante, the Keurig espresso line doesn’t are afflicted by deficiencies in choices. Keurig Kcups tend to be indisputably probably the most efficient method to have a diversity of coffees from around the world. In the event that doesn’t seem great currently, keep in mind that every clean mug of coffee is actually made in under a few minutes.

The Keurig B60 features a sleek body which was anatomically designed with the daily requirements associated with coffee brewers in mind. The coffee maker working buttons are specifically put into a convenient group on across the correct solar panel, and slanted up-wards to ensure that customers can easily see clearly. There is no need to flex right down to see the side of the coffee brewer, and there’s no need to grab your glasses to operate this particular machine! The actual Keurig B60 comes with an interface that’s clear to see: several control keys do exactly what the images recommend, and the LCD display clearly notifies person of times as well as any kind of messages that you’d wish to plan to the maker. A blend of chrome highlights, flat dark, and bright blue hail in the modern age of technologies. This is 1 maker that will not look out of place in a high-tech kitchen.

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Decide What Your Intention Is Before Deciding On Trade Show Booths

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By Adrianna Noton

There is a vast range of possibilities for the design of trade show booths, from the most simple and cost effective to custom designs that can be the ultimate showcase of a brand. For any design to be effective is not always dependent on how much money is spent but on how well it works for its intended purpose.

There are endless options for creating eye catching designs but what will give the best return on investment is very much dependant on individual needs. For some companies it is very important to reflect the right kind of corporate image and they will have the budgets to do this. How often trade show booths will be used is also going to determine how much it is worth spending on them because if you are only planning to attend one show then it doesn’t make sense to opt for a custom design.

How you want to interact with potential clients is also one of the first things to consider. For a large company that wants to create a strong impression of the brand the emphasis might be on very bold use of logos and graphics that are further enhanced by video and sound. For a small company with a less well known product or service the focus might be on a clean and uncluttered environment that invites one on one interaction.


Modular units are becoming more popular because they are less expensive and they can be customized to a large degree. There are many attractive designs available that use very simple units that can be put together in different ways. Basic substructures with fabric coverings allow for any kind of design to be printed on them creating a unique look and internal lighting can be used to really enhance the effect.

Truss systems also allow for a great degree of flexibility and they can be broken down into light weight segments for easier transport and storage. A very cost effective solution is a simple tent design that consists of a squire framework with an fabric covering that can be very effectively used for color and graphics.

The type of product that is being promoted will also affect how trade show booths are laid out. Sometimes there might be a number of products that you want to display and this might require showcases or shelving. At other times the presentation might rely completely on printed information or video and then your most important features might be magazine racks or video screens.

If there are going to be demonstrations then it might be better to have a counter at the front that exhibitors can work on. In other circumstances you may want to have an open space to attract people in with a homely and comfortable interior that will invite direct conversations.

Whether the trade show booths are large or small it is best to keep all the components as unified as possible. All the furniture and accessories should reflect the same style and the use of color should be simple and reflect the corporate identity. Although the intention is to attract attention it should also be immediately clear what you are offering.

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Absolutely Marble

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Absolutely Marble


Dale Frederick

In ancient Greece and Rome, the allure of marble made it the natural stone of choice for sculpture, public baths and construction. As time passed, it became the hallmark of the high-end flooring. There aren t many home features more distinctive than the refined splendor of a polished marble floor. For this reason, it is still one of the most popular choices for foyers welcoming guests with elegance as they pass through entrances. In recent times, marble flooring has extended from the foyer into kitchens and bathrooms. As marble s reputation increases, the available options for its uses have also increased. No longer restricted to ground level, this beautiful natural stone is now defining the present and heightening the appearance of spaces throughout the home.

Marble in the Kitchen

Marble is a viable option for homeowners thinking about replacing their kitchen countertops. It is also a spectacular alternative for sinks, islands and backsplashes. White marble with its diverse veining patterns complements a wide variety of kitchen cabinet and flooring choices and offers a stunning contrast to darker colors. Even though marble gives an impression of affluence, there are economical choices for the budget-conscious consumer. Carrara and Statuario are less expensive than other types of marble, but still carry a sophisticated air. Marble is softer and more porous than its stone counterparts, but honing or sealing it can prevent staining from food and drinks and alleviate signs of etching.


Marble in the Bathroom

Bathroom renovation experienced a renaissance with the advent of marble. The stone has the ability to make the smallest of spaces loom large with visually-appealing configurations of vanities, showers and bathtubs. Marble tiles can serve as a foundation for the remaining parts of the bathroom by adding a sense of texture because of the stone s intricacies. Tiles can brighten a previously dull-looking floor or enhance the appearance of walls and showers. Some homeowners are now selecting slabs instead of tiles for showers, countertops and wainscoting to produce a seamless effect.

Marble in Living Spaces

Fabricators can transform natural stone slabs into a variety of luxurious pieces, and marble is no exception. A hint of marble can go a long way in accentuating stylish indoor and outdoor living spaces. It also gives decorators and homeowners the opportunity to explore the expansive array of marble available in today s marketplace. Although white is the preferred choice for many people, hues of black, brown, gold, green and red can offer unique visual and textural experiences. Marble fireplaces bring warmth and comfort to family gathering areas. Tables with dramatic marble tops and matching buffets are perfect for dinettes, formal dining rooms or kitchen eating spaces. Marble desks can turn a home office into a suite fit for an executive.

Even though marble has been used for thousands of years, it continues to provide inspiration because of its enduring and illustrious beauty. This ancient stone is unparalleled in its ability to adorn modern spaces. From flooring to countertops, choosing marble for home improvement or renovation projects can rejuvenate any room.

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Third World Water Treatment Systems

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By David Faulkner

While Americans are taking in liter after liter of bottled water, the idea that the U.S. has bad water quality seems to be valid. All the technology that modern science has created for making our water safe has allowed us to drink fresh water any time of the day or night.

The third world countries are not as lucky as those in the United States for having a fresh supply of quality drinking water. It is apparent that these countries suffer greatly from the lack of drinking water and the technology to improve the water. There are not facilities with the higher quality equipment to make the water safe to use. Third world countries are at a loss and only have what is available to them. The governments of these countries can not give them the clean water they need. This lack of clean and safe water has brought about the deaths of millions of the residents because of the diseases in the water. Some of these diseases are diarrhea, cholera, and dysentery.

The simplest and lowest cost water treatment systems are necessary for creating healthier circumstances for these third world countries. With clean water, they can avoid the problems with nasty water and health issues caused by contamination in the water. Research has shown that a million children under the age of six have died each year because of contaminated water and another two million have gotten diseases that come from the parasites in the water. It is an important step to provide these third world countries with cheap water treatment systems to stop the death and diseases.


The easiest filtration treatment method is still the best and lowest for cost. This cheap water treatment method does not need anything high tech for it to work properly. Any type of advanced and under advanced country that utilizes their water from the rivers, lakes, and brooks, can utilize this method. This would be a great project for private and international humanitarian organizations to start working on to give this low cost water treatment method to the third world countries.

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International agencies such as the World Bank have come to the rescue of the third world countries that need safe water by providing loans. It will be necessary for these agencies to continue to provide low cost treatments that are needed. These third world countries need to not only be provided with treatment methods for the water sources that are already there and also the technology to be able to eventually provide themselves with their own safe drinking water.

With the goal of making the Millennium Development Goals is imperative to give the countries in the South to have a chance to reach a solution for creating safe water to the people of the developed and underdeveloped countries. Any type of water treatment systems that can give the third world countries clean and safe water and also be of low cost, will change the lives of many millions of people.

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How To Freeze Leftover Curry

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By Julia Wardman

Ever cook too much curry? Want to freeze it for another time but aren’t sure whether you can? Well here are a few hints about successfully freezing your leftover curry.

The first important thing to do if you want to freeze curry is to make sure your curry is completely cold before you freeze it. If it is still warm you risk food poisoning.

If the curry came from a restaurant or takeaway be sure that it was not made using meat that had been frozen before cooking. You should never freeze meat twice. Most responsible takeaways and restaurants will be happy to provide you with this information if you make a simple phone call and ask.

Next, divide your leftover curry into portions of a suitable size for your own use. If in doubt, make them small, individual portions. It is easy to defrost two small portions if you need more but hard to split one large portion if you need less.


Remember that it really doesn’t matter what shape your curry portions are in the freezer. For this reason, you can happily use a few freezer bags or freezer-safe cling film. There is no need to use your best plastic containers!

If you do choose to use plastic containers for freezing your curry, be prepared for the spices in the curry to stain the insides of them. Turmeric is the worst culprit but many spices will give you all sorts of trouble with stains.

If you get stains in your plastic containers, your best chance of removing ithem is to use some of that fluid that mothers use to sterilize their babies’ bottles. It won’t always work – but it will sometimes. Just dilute it less than it says on the bottle (e.g. if it says use 1 capful to 1 pint of water, make it 2 pints to 1 pint of water) and leave it to soak overnight. This is perfectly safe if you wash the containers after soaking them – you are not a newborn baby after all!

Freeze a curry by all means – but remember to use it within 3 months under normal freezing conditions. It helps if you can write the date of freezing on the bag at the time of freezing. You probably ought to make a note of the type of curry too – once frozen, it can be hard to tell a vindaloo from a korma!

The freezing process acts as a kind of long term marinade so the spices and garlic in the curry will become more intense the longer you leave it. Beware! A Vindaloo that was hot and spicy when it went in will be hotter than fire when it comes out of the freezer after 2 months!

Another effect of freezing is to make the meat and vegetables softer over time. This is another reason for keeping the freezing period down as much as you can.

If you are making a curry yourself specifically for the purpose of freezing it – perhaps in preparation for a celebration etc. – it is advisable to leave the garlic, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves out of the curry. These ingredients don’t freeze well and may result in a bitter taste when you defrost the curry – especially if you leave it for a longer time. When it is time to serve the curry, defrost it then fry up the garlic, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves in a little ghee then add the curry and heat the whole thing through thoroughly.

Curry-eating is one of the world’s great culinary pleasures. Following these instructions will just prolong the enjoyment!

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