Science Experiment: Build Your Own Rain Alarm}

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Submitted by: Jere Botes

Many electrical devices are used as early warning systems such as burglar alarms, electric fencing systems and many more. Dont you think it will be useful to have an early warning system for rain to warn you to close the windows and bring in the clothes from the clothesline? In the following science experiment you will build a device that can detect rain as soon as the first drops start to fall:


9 Volt battery

Plastic coated copper wire

9 Volt buzzer or bell



Effervescent tables

Wire cutters

Rubber cement


1. Cut two pieces of thin plastic coated wire of about 2m – 3m each (or long enough to reach from the outside of your window to the inside of your bedroom where the buzzer and battery will be positioned). Use wire cutters to strip clean the ends of both wires. Make sure that one end of each wire has at least 30mm clean stripped, and the other side of each wire about 100mm clean stripped.

2. Push the 100mm stripped clean ends of both wires through a small opening in your bedroom window, and connects the other ends to the terminals of a 9-V battery, and an electrical buzzer or a bell. Use another shorter piece of wire to connect the battery and the bell to each other as in the diagram above.

3. On the outside of your window, connect a wooden or plastic clothespin to the other ends of the wires by winding it several times over each of the front ends of the clothespin. This will be your two contact pieces to complete the electrical circuit.

4. Place a small effervescent-type of tablet in between the two prongs with the contact pieces of the clothespin to prevent them from touching. You may need to experiment with several types of tables to find the most suitable one, which degenerate the fastest when coming in contact with water or rain.

5. Place the clothespin and tablet configuration on the sill of your window (you can use rubber cement to hold it in position).

6. When it starts to rain, the buzzer will go off and warn you that your clothes or curtains might get wet!

The power or electrical energy stored in a battery can only be released and allowed to flow when a complete circuit is made out of wires or other conductors that conduct electricity. In the above experiment, the electrical circuit is not complete until the prongs of the clothes pins with the wires wrapped around it are pressed together. When the rain drops degenerate and melt the effervescent tablet, the prongs with the wire contact pieces are pressed together, making a circular path between the battery and the bell. The current flows in a complete loop from the battery through the rain detector on the window sill to the buzzer and battery in your room. When the circuit is complete and the current is flowing, the buzzer sounds to warn you of the rain that started to fall!

About the Author: Article by J Botes, of

, a website dedicated to provide elementary and middle school children with science education in the form of fun, tried and tested science experiment ideas in five main categories. Reproductions of this article are allowed but must include a link pointing to


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Hpe0 J76 Passing Guarantee Exam}

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Submitted by: Jennifer Cheek

Question: 1

When using the HPE Storage Quick ROI Calculator to prepare a business case for an HPE StoreVirtual storage solution proposal, which financial metrics can be calculated for the business case? (Select two.)

A. real options valuation

B. total economic impact

C. risk adjusted ROI

D. rapid economic justification

E. NPV savings

Answer: A,C

Question: 2

A customers environment consists of two fabrics with four HPE B-series, fixed-port, SAN switches in each fabric. Which tool is recommended to manage and monitor this environment?

A. HPE Fabric Watch

B. HPE SAN Network Adviso

C. HPE SAN Visibility


D. HPE OneView

Answer: B

Question: 3

Which area of IT management is covered when integrating HPE Operations Orchestration into a solution?

A. managing hybrid cloud environments arid IT services

B. automating and coordinating IT processes

C. simplifying management and control of the data cente

D. delivering high-quality mottle applications

Answer: B

Question: 4

Which SAN topologies offer the highest centralized data access performance? {Select two.)

A. single switch

B. cascaded

C. meshed

D. ring

E. core-edge

Answer: B,E

Question: 5

A customer adds two new SFF 8000 enclosures that are fully populated with Nearline drives to an existing HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8400 array. The old configuration consisted of Fast Class and Nearline SAS drives in me 8000 SFF enclosure. What should the customer’s engineer do to optimize then storage configuration?

A. Run checkhealth on their system.

B. Defrag the CPGs and run align-drive on their system.

C. Run tune sys on their system.

D. Run compactcpg for existing virtual volumes.

Answer: C

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The Pros And Cons Of London Data Centres Vs Elsewhere

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Submitted by: Sadie Hawkins

There has been a debate raging for some time as to whether it is best to house your data centre within central London or outside a metropolitan area. As you may expect, there is a case to be made for either side of the debate, but ultimately the decision will come down to what suits your business.

Here are just some of the pros and cons to consider:


One of the most popular arguments for choosing a data centre provider based outside of London is security. Being the capital city, London is a bigger target for terrorist attacks. While it is unlikely that terrorists would target data centres specifically, the fallout could damage underground network cables, power lines etc. leading to severe data centre downtime.

However, what data centres based just the other side of London s iron ring (read: M25) fail to mention, is that they too use London networks. This means that, in the unfortunate event of a terrorist attack impacting infrastructure, data centres based in Slough, for example, will be affected just as those are in central London.


Of course, data centres based further afield in less urban areas are much more isolated from such a devastating event. However, what they don t allow for is …

Ease of Access

It may seem an illogical desire, but many business owners like to know that they can physically access their data centre whenever necessary. There is a certain degree of psychological security knowing you can jump in the car and quickly arrive at your data centre, even in an emergency at 3am.

For most businesses, London data centres therefore provide a peace-of-mind unobtainable through suppliers in less urban areas. It is all very well and good basing your data centre away from the epicentre of a terrorist attack which may never come, but if you can t install a critical upgrade because your data centre is based hundreds of miles away, then it might cause you far more trouble than it is worth.


The most frequently voiced argument for choosing a data centre provider based outside of London, is cost. The coalition government is planning to up the cost of electricity for businesses, with London already charging a premium. Out in the countryside there is a much lower demand and thus power comes much cheaper.

However, there can often be a hidden cost with these rural data centres: cabling.

To run high-speed communications between your business base and your data centre, you will often be required to lay fibre optics leading to a network terminal. The cost of laying fibre optics may only be a one-off cost, but it is an extremely high capital expense that most businesses could do without.


The trump card for London data centres to use in this debate is connection speed. As the hub of business within the UK, London has the biggest high-speed fibre optic network in the country. What s more, London is also the only UK terminus for the multiplicity of international fibre optic cables. This puts it at a great advantage over anywhere else in the UK in terms of low-latency, high-speed connection to the rest of the world.

As there is a high-density of businesses located within the capital, it is also possible to connect individual businesses via dark-fibre cable. This allows for a super-fast connection to your other London-based offices and key partners.

About the Author: BIS are an owner operator of UK Data Centres, if you would like to find out more, visit the London Data Centres information page.


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Electrical Contractors In Jacksonville Fl}

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Submitted by: Johny Rehan

A surge protector is a device that saves the electrical equipments like computer, television, refrigerator, AC etc. from power surge, lightening and fluctuations, (as heavy electric appliances require high voltage electricity). The device is also termed as surge suppressor that protects the electrical appliances by limiting the amount of voltage supplied to the appliance either by blocking or diverting the voltage surge to ground. To describe the function clearly, in US the standard voltage to be used in every office and home is 120 volts, and therefore, voltage usage exceeding this amount considered to be transient and may result in the damage of the appliances connected to the outlet. Through surge protection this extra voltage can be channeled into the grounding wire of the outlet and thus preventing the extra power to flow through the devices.

Surges in the electricity can damage even the internal components of the electronic devices. It can even destroy data stored in the computers. But surge protection can prevent any kind of such damages. Moreover, the surge protector can protect wires and lines of cable and television as they also carry electricity.


Regarding response, the surge protectors have some time bindings. They dont operate instantly; their response time is long (depending on the surges). A surge basically takes a few microseconds to reach to the high voltage and surge protectors response time is nanosecond which is fast enough to prevent a spike. There are various types of systems, technologies and components of surge protector. These are the technologies or the components of surge protection used in Jacksonville and in the other parts of America as well. The Surge protection Jacksonville FL Compatricany can provide a total line of surge protection devices. And the installation of these surge protectors can be done with the help of electrical contractors Jacksonville FL. There are various companies in Jacksonville that provides master electrical contractors who are expert in both home and office surge system.

The various surge protection technologies includes, Metal Oxide Varistor, is a system that can limit voltages 3 to 4 times by distracting the path of the surge voltage to elsewhere while protecting the normal load. Parallel MOVs can be connected to increase the capability of the current providing the sets are matching. Moreover, MOVs have a good performance ratio and the price is quite low and they are the best in protecting the AC power. Next there is, Transient Voltage Suppression diode, which is also termed as silicon avalanche diode, responds in picoseconds but its current limiting and energy absorbing capacity is relatively low. And therefore, TVS diodes are mainly used in the current outlets with low voltage spikes. Then there is Thyristor surge protection device, a much faster and a solid state system which is mainly used to prevent overvoltage conditions. Next is Gas Discharge tube, a device with sealed glass containing a type of gas mixture enclosed between the electrodes that gets ionized by the high current spike and carry out electric current. Just like Metal Oxide Varistor, GDT can also limit high voltage spikes or transients and the response time is long as well. The device is basically light sensitive but can be used in the lines with high frequency such as telecommunication systems.

However, there are various other components like Selenium voltage suppressor, Carbon Block Spark gap overvoltage suppressor, a technology that took birth in the nineteenth century but still used in the telephone circuits. There are other technologies namely Quarter wave coaxial surge arrestor and Series mode surge suppresso

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About the Author: If you are looking for electrical contractors Jacksonville fl you are in the right place. We are the best Jacksonville electricians to provide you the best services for all your home and commercial electrical needs. To know more about surge protection Jacksonville fl please visit


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Stock Trading For Dummies}

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Submitted by: Robert Buran

First of all I am going to tell you that I am a stock trading dummy and proud of it. I have made millions of dollars trading stocks and I am blessed with the inability to understand the technical analysis of markets.

You should be happy that you are a stock market dummy because this fact may help you in making real money in the stock market.

Some of the smartest people I know are in the stock trading business and many are stock brokers and financial “experts”. I am going to let you in on a dirty little secret. Of all the forces in the economy that have caused people to lose money in the stock market, none have been greater than the advice of financial experts and brokers. There does in fact seem to exist an inverse relationship between intelligence and effective stock trading. It would seem that the smarter a person is that the more effective they are in finding ways to cause you to lose your money in the stock market.

It has been scientifically proven that the performance of stock brokers in picking profitable stocks could be replicated by having monkeys throw darts at a page of stock listings in the Wall Street Journal. So the first lesson for the wannabe stock trader is to plan to MAKE YOUR STOCK TRADING DECISIONS YOURSELF and stay away from those stock brokers in their pin stripe suits and shiny shoes.

(See Become a Do-it- Yourself- Investor and get Rich )


You should also stay away from technical analysis. Technical analysis of market behavior is pseudo science and frequently promoted by snake oil salesmen disguised as brokers and other financial advisors. Other technical analysis proponents include trading system vendors and trading system software companies.

For some brokers and financial wizards technical analysis is a kind of religion promoted to explain what otherwise cannot be explained about markets. It is the opium of stock market losers everywhere. I call it WIGGLY LINE THEORY.

(see Imperfect Market Theory )

For example, the proponents of technical analysis may tell you to buy XYZ stock when the 15 day moving average crosses the 45 day moving average and then take profits on your positions next year when the stock moves into overbought territory provided that the stochastic confirms the sell signal.



Hogwash and financial sophistry I say. Again technical analysis of market behavior is pseudo science and if you are really fascinated by the technical analysis of markets you might also consider the study of cloud formations. Both technical analysis and cloud formations have a kind of imaginative beauty to them and both can appear to have shape and meaning. But then as the market moves and the winds blow those shapes and meaning disappear and are soon forgotten. It is not a good idea to use technical analysis to determine where to put your money.

You may ask, But all the financial experts use technical analysis and why cant I use this science to make financial decisions regarding stock market investment?

This is my answer: In the simplest terms technical analysis is pretty useless, not because its math and formulas are flawed, but because the data it attempts to organize and make sense of is predominantly random. Short term stock market movement is predominantly random. It is difficult to make sense of random data no matter how sophisticated are your methods of analysis. It is garbage in and garbage out. The randomness of the markets defeats technical analysis along with the bravest and brightest financial experts and traders.

Be happy you are a stock market dummy. If you cant understand it you can easily shut out the noise and not become unnecessarily confused.


So what should we, the stock market dummies of the world, use to defeat and take money from the bravest and the brightest financial experts and traders? What has worked for me, and in fact has made millions of dollars for me, is not technical analysis, but something I call market momentum theory. Market momentum theory is based more on physics than math. I did not learn market momentum theory in an economics school; I learned market momentum theory in a pool hall.

Let me illustrate with a pool hall example. In pool one player makes the opening break shot by striking the cue ball with the cue tip causing the ball to move towards the racked balls on the opposite side of the pool table. The cue ball can end up anywhere on the table, in a pocket or even on the floor. However, because the original momentum pushed the ball from one side of the table to the other side of the table, probability favors that the ball will stop rolling on the opposite side of the pool table from where it was initially struck with the cue tip.

We can easily transfer this theory and apply it to stock market movement. First we must define significant price movement and we can call it the cue ball condition. So let us say that in a hypothetical market the cue ball condition is met if price moves higher by five dollars. OK, now let us say that a market closes at a certain price on Monday. But on Tuesday the market meets the cue ball condition by moving five dollars higher and so we decide to buy it at that price. Now using the previously mentioned market movement theory we decide to always sell our positions acquired on Tuesday on the open on Thursday.

So what will happen? Well what will happen is that we will make money over time and that about 55% of our trades will be profitable. Why?

Because by first defining significant momentum we in effect turn stock market price movement into a cue ball headed for the opposite side of the pool table. There is no guarantee that the ball will always end up on the opposite side of the pool table but momentum theory says its more likely it will end there than bounce back. Similarly the stock that meets the cue ball condition on Tuesday is more likely than not to open higher on Thursday and if we sell it there we are more likely than not to make money.

How do I know this? Well first of all I have tested this very basic idea extensively and have traded similar ideas thousands of times. In fact in one two year period, while trading around two and a half million dollars, I took about 10,000 trades and pushed millions and millions of dollars worth of trades through the marketplace while making about five million dollars in profits.

But what was interesting is that I did NOT have a trading system that was 95% accurate. Instead I used a simple system based on market momentum theory that won about 55% of the time and lost about 45% of the time. Because of the random nature of short term stock market price movement I knew that 55% was about the best ANYBODY could do and I settled for 55% accuracy. And by settling for 55% accuracy I made close to 100% annual returns on the money invested and I made nearly five million dollars in profits in two years.


So 55% accuracy is not really so bad. If you can trade consistently with 55% accuracy you have a house advantage of 5%. That means that for every $100 you push through the market you are going to make $5. Its like owning your own casino and YOU ARE THE HOUSE.

(see Stock Market Trading and Casino Gambling, You can be the House )


Now that I have given you a robust theory of market movement that can make a lot of money for us stock market dummies let me just add a few more important rules and strategies.

1)MECHANICAL TRADING SYSTEM: Now that you have a theory, you should develop a mechanical trading system, and resolve to follow it for at least one year.

(see Automated Stock Trading Systems, )

2)GET YOUR SYSTEM PROGRAMMED: Put your system into a program that can be run on a computer. You are a stock market dummy so now let your computer do the thinking for you. You do not have to understand technical analysis; you just need to love and follow your computer. You do not even have to think about markets; you just need to place the orders your computer tells you to place.

3)DIVERSIFY: Spread your money out thin in many markets. We follow 96 markets and sometimes are in as many as 35 at a time. Market diversity can protect you from aberrant price movement and aberrant price movement is an occupational hazard of trading random markets.

4)IN AND OUT IN TWO TO THREE DAYS: Limit your trades to two or three days. The cue ball is struck and it goes forward and then stops. Its a short term move and so is stock market price movement based on momentum theory and probability. Momentum theory ends with day 3 and oftentimes sooner. But keep in mind that there is also great safety in limiting your trades to two or three days. You have certainly heard stories of people who have lost everything in the stock market. Let me assure you that the only people who lose everything in the stock market are people who let brokers do their trading for them and who marry stocks and refuse to sell them. By making it a rule that you will ALWAYS get out after two or three days you cannot lose all your money and become a stock market casualty.

(see Turn Your Short Term Stock Trading Hot with Normal Distribution Theory )


So stock market dummies unite! Ignore the experts, trade simple ideas you can understand, and let your computer do the thinking for you. By following these rules for Stock Trading for Dummies we can easily take over Wall Street and put the suits out of business. Stock market dummies can be rich!

About the Author: Robert Buran, StockBrain99 on Twitter, is the author of “How I Quit My Job and Turned $6,000 Into a Half Million Trading”. He has traded small accounts and traded millions of dollars. Bob trades live on the Internet and is into low risk with high yields. His website, Short Term Stock Trading, posts his 2-day and 3-day real time stock trades several times daily and is of great interest to day traders and short term stock traders.


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How To Attach Electric Winch Cables To A Battery

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How to Attach Electric Winch Cables to a Battery



Installing a electric winch on a Jeep or four-wheel-drive truck can be challenging, but wiring the electric winch is simple. If you pay attention to a few small items as you run your wires, you will have very little problem getting the electric winch running. When installing a electric winch, remember that the battery needs to be designed to handle the constant loading and heavy draw of the electric winch. There are several batteries rated for this purpose that will last longer and be more dependable than the OEM battery in your truck.


Step 1. Survey the area under the hood and decide on a route for the cables. The cables need to run through the engine compartment and through the grill on most applications.


Step 2. Route the cables through the grill of the truck and into the engine compartment. Make sure your cables are not resting against any sharp edges that might cut the cables or insulation, causing a short.

Step 3. Run the positive cable to the positive battery terminal. The negative cable can run to the battery negative terminal or can be attached to a ground on the frame or chassis of the truck.

Step 4. Remove the bolt holding the positive connector onto the battery terminal and slide it through the ring connector on the positive wire to the electric winch. Reinsert the bolt through the terminal and attach the nut.

Step 5. Remove the bolt holding the negative connector on the negative terminal on the battery and again slide it through the ring connector on the negative cable to the electric winch. Reattach the terminal and attach the nut.

Step 6. Trace the route of your electric winch cables and be sure that they are not touching anything that will get hot, sharp edges that would cut them, or moving parts that they could be tangled in. Use cable ties or zip ties to secure the cables to prevent them from moving and getting damaged.

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