Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Landscape Architect}

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Landscape Architect



If you enjoy finding apt spaces to keep garden artifacts then landscape architect is the career that can fit you. Landscape architecture has been existing for a long time and this career has been yielding amazing benefits to those who enjoy being in the profession. However, for those who are still confused about it, here’s a list of things to help them decide whether they should follow their heart or not.

Let‘s first see some advantages of being a landscape architect”

1. You can have a profession you love

Being an architect has a lot to do with your creativity. While you will have many materialistic benefits that come out of the profession, personal satisfaction is something you will find in this profession if the projects are finished properly and the clients feel satisfied. The amount of satisfaction you would get from creating something so beautiful might even surprise you at times.

2. Financial benefits


Landscape architecture promises a steady income if you prove yourself to be pretty good at it. The hard work that goes into visualizing, understanding what exactly the clients’ need and executing the plans pays well in this profession.

3. Working on creating a personally rewarding project

One cannot have complete freedom of imagination in every profession. Being a landscape architect gives you that benefit of using your imagination as far as it fits the budget provided by the client.

4. You can work on a variety of projects

Being a landscape architect not only means designing lawns and backyards but also designing landscapes for golf courses, huge gated communities, etc. So the work does not get monotonous due to its creative nature.

5. Self employment opportunities

You can start your own farm after spending couple of years with a reputed firm. Aside of keeping you satisfied creatively, the job rewards you with the goodwill that you earn while you work. 24% of professionals in the field of landscape architecture work for themselves.

Let us now take a look at the challenges that landscape architects have to undergo.

1. Slow start

Those aspiring to be future landscape architects need to complete a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture and design, or a bachelor’s degree in traditional architecture with specialization in landscape design. After attaining the necessary educational qualifications, the aspirant has to be licensed or registered by the board of landscape artists.

2. Long working hours and deadlines

The working hours may not be fixed once a project starts. Working hours may vary from 50 to 60 hours a week. The job can even get stressful after a while. On the other hand, deadlines are an integral part of any job and meeting them determines your capability as a professional. Since landscape architecture involves daily wage workers, it depends on how fast they can synchronize with the needs of their employer. You will be responsible not only for meeting the deadlines, but also for how well you are able to convey your ideas to those working under you. Hence, the job requires good leadership skills.

3 Staying ahead of competitions

It is not a surprising fact that competition is on the rise in every profession, especially the creative ones. You need to be aware of the latest designs trending in the market. It would help you give feasible suggestions to your clients. So it is a constant struggle trying to juggle your creative and competitive skills.

So you need to keep in mind these factors before you finally decide to get into this profession.

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