Common Causes Of Malocclusion}

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Common Causes of Malocclusion


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When the teeth overlap each other like they’ve been shaken and they never got back to their places again, that’s malocclusion. Teeth erupting in wrong places, overbite, underbite, or weird facial orientation makes for an unacceptable dental case, which usually gets referred to the orthodontist.

In a rather vain and over-criticizing world, the plain-looking ones get overlooked while those with physical deformities get ridiculed. The public eye is a huge factor in every person’s quest for beauty. After all, the reality that really bites is that those who look good get ahead most of the time. Unfortunately, the public perception of beauty is always physical. Beautiful eyes, nice nose, glowing skin, six-packed abdomen, big boobs, great butts – and that perfect smile of course.What constitutes a perfect smile? A perfect alignment of healthy teeth – that’s it. With all the advanced technologies for dental care, many still end up with malocclusion. This is a condition characterized by misaligned teeth or incorrect orientation of the upper and lower jaws. Those with malocclusion have the following symptoms:” Abnormal teeth alignment” Abnormal facial structure” Trouble biting or chewing food” Trouble speaking ” Breathing through the mouthThere are cases that do not really require treatment. But those that are serious will require orthodontic attention and surgery at its worst. Treatment will help decrease tooth decay and make a person look prettier with a prettier smile.Many cases of malocclusion couldn’t be prevented. Unless detected very early, the symptoms can be treated immediately to avoid any further damages in the mouth. Early detection can also help avoid the expensive treatment of bad cases. When detected during childhood, the treatments are easier and quicker as well as cheaper. Easier and quicker because their jawbones are still soft so the teeth can be moved easily. Depending on how bad the condition of the malocclusion is, the treatment could last anywhere from 6 months to more than 2 years. Adults can still be treated but it will take longer and the costs will be higher.Malocclusion is caused by:- Heredity- Birth Defects- Childhood habits- Abnormal growth of teeth- Past faulty dental correcting methods- Injury- TumorsPeople can get their parents’ dental genes in terms of jaw or tooth size. Mismatched combinations can lead to crowding of teeth in the mouth, which cause other teeth to erupt in the wrong places. Traits like extra teeth or missing teeth are genetic in nature too. Others who were born with congenital problems like cleft palate or underdeveloped jaws are also the main causes of malocclusion.Babies who thumb suck or use pacifiers for more than 4 hours everyday are most likely to grow their teeth in the wrong places. This is because of the thumb or teether that goes in the way of the erupting teeth.Because of tooth loss, the other growing teeth will adjust to fill the empty space. This can create a bad bite. Decayed tooth extracted by the dentist will also disrupt the alignment of the other teeth. Teeth loss can be due to tumors, sports injuries or accidents. is a professional

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Common Causes of Malocclusion}

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