Banners And Signs In Oklahoma City: How To Make Them Effective

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byAlma Abell

Any time you drive out of your office or home, you are bound to see several banners and signs. Some of them are giving information about certain events and occasions while others are striving to create awareness for various products and services. Regardless of their purpose, they can only be effective if they are designed and implemented correctly. Below are key features that must be considered for your banners and signs in Oklahoma City to be effective.


How visible is the banner? This question can help any advertising company know exactly where to place them. Trees, foliage and street signs are some of the things that can obstruct your banners and signs thus rendering them ineffective. Therefore, you need to ensure that they are properly placed in the open or within the driver’s 20 degrees viewable area if they are along the road. Furthermore, you can increase visibility by using conspicuous colors and will make them stand out from their surroundings.


Other than motorists being able to spot your sign, you must ensure that they can read and understand the message being portrayed. Therefore, you must consider factors such as letter size and height, style, capitalization and whitespace to ensure that your signs can be read easily. Furthermore, keep the message simple because drivers don’t have the time to read long messages.


Using light text on a dark background (positive contrast) is a lot easier to read that using dark text on a light background (negative contrast). Therefore, you should always go for positive contrast for your banners and signs in Oklahoma City. Furthermore, you can enhance this contrast by ensuring that the text is about four times brighter than its background.


Lighting is a key factor that you need to consider especially if you need your banners to remain visible and legible and night. In order to choose the right light for your sign, you need to consider several factors such as its location, material and the local sign code.

Incorporating all these features into your banners and signs is not that easy. Therefore, it is advisable to enlist the services of professional graphic designersfor eye catching banners and signs.

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